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    With Expert Fitting and Our 5 Year Warranty

    We have a reputation with our work, being the best at fitting furniture and TV installations in the Midlands. Of course this has led us to become a supplier and fitter of the highest quality blinds systems. We spent time researching the finest components and fabrics from only the leading manufacturers. We only do quality work that lasts with highly durable luxury fabrics that offer features such as being washable and UV protection. Why not take a package including blinds, furniture assemble and TV mounting in your new home move and receive very attractive discounts!

    Designing With You

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    Home Consultation

    We operate design and quotations with you in the comfort of your home or office. We attend with a full suite of sample swatch books for you to get hands on with the fabrics of your choice. Using proffessional laser and distance measuring equipment we determine rough measurements required for a guide price using options selected. We then give you a little thinking time, or alternatively if you're happy then we conduct a millimeter exact measurement of all windows and get your order processed.

    Professional Installation

    When purchasing blinds, picking the right supplier is only part of the story. The main importance is with the fitter, ultimately you want your blinds to stay strong for years and years. By picking Dr Flatpack you gain years of knowledge, with a team who use only the finest equipment and the right fixings for your wall types. Our fitting comes as standard with dustless drilling and a 5 year guarantee on all work.

    Handyman service

    Styles & Collections

    Blinds Fitting

    Roller Blinds

    Our luxury roller blind collection is the perfect harmony of premium fabrics and components from some of the leading worldwide manufacturers and designers. Our collections allow the choice of simple, contemporary, traditonal and modern finishes. We also offer choices on materials meaning you can have a durable waterproof finish for your bathroom and kitchen, or a warm, sound and light proof finish for your bedrooms.

    Vertical Blinds

    A popular choice in households and offices throughout the UK, they are diverse option offering durability, airiness and increased levels of customisability. We offer the ability of mix and matching fabric sets on the same rail, and most of our ranges are sponge or machine washable. An excellent choice in busy areas, and with the unique rail systems you can change your slats by ordering with us in the future. Excellent if you want seasonal changes.

    Home Furniture
    Blinds Fitting

    Day & Night Roller

    One of our specialist ranges, growing in popularity in the UK as it compliments contemporary designs. These Day & Night fabric blinds offer modern innovation in blinds with convenience features. They can be set to fully open, fully closed or day privacy with half open and closed. They can be combined with motorisation presets and perfect fit for ultra sleek installation. There are colour combinations to meet most designs.

    Venitian Blinds

    A great easy style choice across the UK, these have always been popular due to their ability to compliment any style choice. Available in real wood or faux wood for humid and high heat areas, colour choices are also broad. Add a subtle yet highly effective upgrade with a wide range of fabric tapes for an ultra premium look.

    Blinds Fitting
    Blinds Fitting

    Pleated Blinds

    Another specialist range we fit, perfect for contemporary living, especially in perfect fit with modern glazing solutions. Offering unrivaled privacy and thermal efficiency. When fully closed, our unique honeycomb structured option will increase your rooms warmth in winter and coolness in the summer. As a bonus feature they can be made to fit any shaped window, perfect for conservatories and loft rooms.

    Aluminium Slatted Blinds

    The most durable blinds available, these offer unrivaled scratch and stain resistance. Ideal for high traffic, increased impact or office areas. These can be cleaned over and over again with no loss in appearance. Perfect for a durable solution that will last years and years.

    Blinds Fitting

    Features & Options

    Perfect Fit Blinds

    As a quality blind supplier and installer we offer Perfect Fit on a number of our styles including Roller, Day & Night, Pleated and Aluminium Slatted. These are ideal for a clean look, and are designed to fit within the glazing frame. These also mean more usable space on mantles and sills.

    Blinds Fitting

    Child Safe

    As a responsible installer it's our aim to ensure your child's and pet's safety. In order to achieve this, all of our components meet BS EN 13120:2009+A1:2014, and the two test method standards BS EN 16433:2014 and BS EN 16434:2014. Our installation of corded systems include child breakers and wall runners however we prefer rod systems where possible.



    Living in a smart world it's important to make sure everything works coherently with each other. That's why most of our roller and day & night ranges are available with smart motorisation features. These include a remote with presets, timers, app integration with Android & Apple and voice commands through Alexa, Siri & Google Home. Our rugged motors are also hard wired or with battery packs with 2 charges a year!

    Blinds Fitting