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Considering Buying Flatpack Furniture – Preparing Your Room

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So you’re considering buying flatpack furniture for your bedroom or lounge area but you really don’t have a clue where to start? Well its good that we’ve written this guide, this post is the first in a series exploring the issues that are faced when buying and installing new furniture.

The first decision that needs to be made when considering buying flatpack furniture is budget. When designing a room  there are two main factors, the furniture itself, and the room condition. If you are thinking of a refit including painting and flooring you must account for the possibility of plastering, decorating and refitting the flooring, including levelling out. The last thing you want to do is rest a heavy flatpack wardrobe on an uneven floor, as in time, the weight will cause buckling and hence breakag

Plastering is generally a pricey service for a good finish. Most companies would charge upwards of £1000 per room for a complete re-plaster, or as low as £300 for a simple skim. Flooring is less straight forward, if it is a concrete floor which is cracked, un-level and even pitted then a fine screed or self levelling compound will needed. Of course this means removing everything from the room possibly including any doors in order to carry this out.

Drying times are generally a couple of days for a complete cure, so bear this in mind if you’re considering buying flatpack furniture. Wooden beam or floorboard based floors will require either replacement of broke or buckled boards but also potentially the addition of a plywood board, between 4 and 12mm are generally advised. These plywood boards can be great when levelling for tiling also.

Once the room is ready for decorating again options vary. Generally you ill pick painted or wallpapered coverings. Painting is generally the cheapest option and requires a dry time of a few days to be completely cured. Paint can still be soft and easy to damage if not left for the appropriate amount of time.

Finally your woodwork is an important factor to take into account. Both skirting and doors should be installed to complement the furniture you will be buying. If you are going for modern furniture then why not add square edged skirting and frames, or alternatively you can buy moulded faced skirting to match traditional or wood grain furniture.

Similarly with doors, they can be matched with the furniture, consider glass doors in lounge space to provide more light or the illusion of space for your house. Handles can also be customised in order to find something that matches the mood of the room or even the accessories on the furniture you will be buying. Good places to start for a choice of fixtures and woodwork are Howden’s joinery, B&Q or your local builders merchant. The more catered shops for trade are where you will find generally better ranges and qualities. A standard internal door of quality ranges around the £100 mark, and £60 for a lower quality door mainly used in buy to let or new build houses. Remember a good door is important as it offers both insulation for the room for sound and heat, but also provides protection in emergency situations such as fires.

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