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A Guide to Mounting a TV in UK Homes

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Overview of Mounting a TV in UK Homes

  • Mounting a TV in the UKMounting a TV in homes presents unique challenges including dealing with outdated construction materials or modern composites.
  • It requires an understanding of the home’s structural integrity and potential limitations.
  • Expertise in using the correct mounting hardware and techniques is essential.
  • Professional services, like Dr Flatpack, ensure safe and secure installation.
  • Adapting to the aesthetics and layout of historical architecture is crucial for a seamless setup.


  1. Introduction to TV Mounting in UK Homes
  2. Understanding the Structural Challenges
    • Wall Composition and Material
    • Locating Studs in Plaster Walls
  3. Choosing the Right Mounting Hardware
    • Types of TV Brackets and Supports
    • Ensuring Secure Fixtures
  4. Navigating the Aesthetic and Layout Constraints
    • Maintaining the Home’s Character
    • Cable Management Solutions

1. Introduction to Mounting a TV in UK Homes

Mounting a TV in an UK home is not just about finding the right spot on the wall and drilling in. The charm of an older property often comes with its share of challenges, particularly when it comes to modern modifications. From the materials used in the walls to the potential for hidden wiring, several factors can complicate what would otherwise be a straightforward task.

Dr Flatpack specialise in overcoming these obstacles, they ensure your TV is mounted safely and securely to a particular specification, enhancing your viewing experience without compromising the integrity of a home. We take into account many factors including the type of use, lighting and need for cable access. We only install in situations we know the TV will last.

2. Understanding the Structural Challenges

Wall Composition and Material

Newer composite homes weren’t built with TV mounting in mind. In older homes the walls might be made of bricks and blocks, which present a different set of challenges compared to the plasterboard of modern homes. Plaster is more brittle and less supportive of the weight, which means standard anchors and screws won’t always suffice. For this reason Dr Flatpack specialise in a multitude of  fixings so that our fitters are always prepared and the knowledge of all different types of wall construction. In modern houses some utilise layered construction walls using lightweight composites. There are specialist fixings for many of these, but in the rare cases there should be a site survey.

Locating Studs in Plaster Walls

Large Ikea Besta combination with Mounting a TV

Finding a stud behind plaster is more complicated than with dealing with brick walls. The typical stud finder might not be as effective, and drilling into plaster without hitting a solid wood stud can lead to cracks and crumbling. We do have specialised equipment to locate studs without damaging the historic fabric of your home. Mostly Dr Flatpack’s staff training lets them be prepared for whatever lies beneath. However with modern fixings we often find fixing to the plasterboard is effective. This board is actually fairly strong, and there are a number of advancements with fixing technology to suit these.

3. Choosing the Right Mounting Hardware

Selecting suitable mounting hardware is crucial for securing a TV in an older home. The right choice of hardware not only supports the weight of the TV but also ensures that the wall remains intact. There are a number of options that should be tailored to the home for the best installation.

Types of TV Brackets and Supports when Mounting a TV

Different types of TV brackets cater to various wall materials, TV sizes and movement types. For newer homes, using a fixed or tilting bracket can provide the strength needed while minimizing the stress on the lightweight wall. This is also important for old non structural cement walls which may crumble, as flat brackets can go on any substrate using our resin fixings. It’s important to match the hardware to the TV’s VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) measurements for a proper fit.

Recommended Wall Type Recommended Bracket Type Considerations
Plaster/Brick/Timber Tilted Avoids excess leverage & slim rear gap
Plaster/Brick/Timber Fixed Avoids excess leverage & slim rear gap
Brick/Block Only Full-motion Too much leverage for timber & larger rear gap
Brick/Block Only Dual plate Corner Applies to dual wall at 90°, only up to 60″
Brick/Block Only Pull Down Motion Puts considerable leverage on the wall on pull down
Timber Joist Ceiling Suspended Bracket
Requires specialist fixing to joist area or strengthening works
Brick & Timber Motorised Motion TV May require specialist fixing or creation of beam work

For more details on the types of brackets suitable for your home, visit our TV mounting services page or get in contact.

Ensuring Secure Fixtures

Using anchors designed for older wall materials can make a significant difference, but its important to know not all fixtures are equal to each other. Plasterboard fixings, resin and masonry anchors are options that can provide the necessary grip in walls that might not have the same structural support as most walls. However the technology in fixings has improved in recent years. A number of our favourites are Fischer Duo Power, Timco Stella, Rigifix and Corefix fixings. These ensure the strongest of bonds in scenarios basic fixings don’t work. Its also worth noting Dr Flatpack upgrades all fixings, we never use the free ones that come with the brackets like poorer handymen use.

4. Navigating the Aesthetic and Layout Constraints

Older homes have a unique character, with features like crown moulding, coving and decorative fireplaces. Mounting a TV in such environments requires a thoughtful approach to preserve the aesthetic charm while achieving the functional setup you desire.

Maintaining the Home’s Character

Mounting a TV with a Ikea Besta systemIt’s important to find a balance between modern convenience and maintaining the historical character of the home. Positioning the TV in a way that complements rather than detracts from the original design elements is key. In some cases, custom cabinetry or hidden mounts can provide the perfect solution, allowing the TV to blend seamlessly with the room when not in use. Its also potentially worth creating a feature wall for the TV and speaker system, potentially even having a fireplace.

Cable Management Solutions when Mounting a TV

Cable management is another consideration that can impact the overall look and feel of the room. Some homes are not known for convenient location of power outlets, and visible cables can detract from a rooms elegance. Using decorative trunking, integrating cables into existing moulding, or employing a professional electrician to install new outlets closer to the TV location can provide a clean, organised appearance. For professional hidden utilities, consider reaching out to us to arrange a custom installation with the cables hidden as you wish.

Navigating Electrical and Connectivity Challenges

In older homes, electrical and connectivity issues are common challenges that arise during TV mounting. The placement of outlets and the availability of cable connections can greatly influence where you can feasibly mount your television. Using trunking we can add extension leads to the placement of the TV mounting.

Upgrading Electrical Infrastructure

Many older properties may not have the electrical infrastructure to support modern AV requirements. Upgrading the electrical system is a delicate task, often requiring the expertise of a qualified electrician. It’s not just about ensuring you have power where you need it, but also about doing so in compliance with current safety standards. Current laws in the UK allow for amendments and some additions to current ring mains by unqualified electricians. Any extensive work will require a fully qualified electrician.

Smart Solutions for Connectivity

With the advent of smart TVs, Wi-Fi connectivity has become just as important as traditional cabling. Ensuring a strong wireless signal or installing new cable runs can be part of the mounting process. For homes where Wi-Fi signals are weak, consider using powerline network adapters or Wi-Fi extenders. For the busiest of homes, there may be over 30 devices connected to the internet. In these situations Dr Flatpack always recommend upgrading to a high end router that has mesh capabilities, larger power output and a higher processor capability for handling the data. This way you reduce potential quality loss in streamed video, latency in online gaming and considerably faster webpage opening times.

For guidance on enhancing your home’s connectivity, contact Dr Flatpack, and we can provide advice or assist with the installation of connectivity solutions.

Considering the Viewing Experience

The height and angle at which a TV is mounted can significantly affect your viewing experience. In older homes, this decision can be influenced by existing architectural features and furniture placement. It is recommended that at least the bottom third of the TV is at eye level with the viewer to prevent neck strain and tilt angle is done to suit reflections and lighting.

Optimal Height and Angle for Mounting a TV

Mounting a TV on a pull down bracketThe ideal height for a TV is at eye level when seated, usually about 3-4 foot from the floor to the centre of the TV. However, in some older homes with higher ceilings or decorative mouldings, you may need to increase this height. Consider using a mount that allows for tilting, which can help offset any height discrepancies and reduce glare from windows.

Preserving the Viewing Environment

Mounting a TV should enhance the room’s functionality without disrupting the flow or feel of the space. In older homes, this might mean working around fixed elements like built-in bookcases or non-standard room layouts. A professional service can help you determine the best position for your TV that respects the home’s design while providing an optimal viewing experience.

Leveraging Professional Expertise in Mounting a TV

When it comes to Mounting a TV in an older home, the value of professional expertise cannot be overstated. A professional installer can navigate the challenges unique to your property, providing peace of mind and ensuring that the job is done right.

Dr Flatpack’s Professional Touch

Our team at Dr Flatpack has extensive experience working with the intricacies of older homes. We bring not only the right tools and hardware for the job but also a sensitivity to the unique characteristics of your property. Our staff also come fully stocked with all accessories needed.

Why Mounting a TV with Dr Flatpack?

With Dr Flatpack’s extensive history and our comprehensive approach to service, you can trust that your home and television are in capable hands. They understand the challenges and have honed their skills to ensure your TV mounting is executed flawlessly. Dr Flatpack are trusted by the biggest companies and the most protective of stakeholders.

Conclusion for Mounting a TV in UK Homes

Mounting a TV in an older home comes with a set of challenges that require careful consideration and expertise. From structural nuances to electrical upgrades and aesthetic preservation, each aspect plays a crucial role in achieving a successful installation. By entrusting this task to the professionals at Dr Flatpack, you ensure a secure, aesthetically pleasing, and functional setup that respects the integrity of your older home.

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